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Digital content creative and community support. Contributor to London and Berlin music and culture platforms including Dazed and Confused, Hunger TV, and KALTBLUT.


The Interview: Paul Kalkbrenner

The fall of the Berlin Wall in 1989 not only marked a turning point in Germany’s history, but spawned a new underground generation of young, politically minded artists. The music and art that arose out of this period would help to form the fabric of a new city, whose culture would inspire and influence artists worldwide. Amongst them was Paul Kalkbrenner. His work shaped much of the soundtrack to the underground electronic scene, and he transcended the underground to become a household name. Pau

Love International: A festival with a big heart

Every so often, us music writers experience one of those rare events that is everything we secretly hope it will be, that goes above and beyond our expectations, and inspires us to share our experience with as many people as possible. KALTBLUT magazine flew to the island of Tisno, Croatia, to discover that the newly launched Love International Festival is without a doubt one of these events. Taking over from ten years of the electronic music institution that was The Garden Festival, it’s new rei

A Journey to Neverwhere: Camea Interview

This year techno master Camea steps out of the shadows and heads towards Neverwhere as her new imprint lands, and we have an exclusive Q&A here at KALTBLUT with the artist about the label and her latest EP, Hello Earth. The Seattle born-Berliner local first became known in 2005 when she started one of the minimal techno era’s most illustrious labels, Clink Recordings. Now she comes forth with a new imprint that was inspired by her highly acclaimed Bpitch Control single of the same title, which s

An Exclusive Interview with Cassy

Following the release of internationally renowned DJ Cassy’s debut album Donna, KALTBLUT is excited to present an exclusive interview with the artist herself. Catherine Britton, a.k.a Cassy, is a celebrated DJ and producer who can work crowds at underground havens like Berghain and Panorama Bar, as much as she can at vast outdoor festivals like Tomorrowland. Her productions are inventive and left of centre house and techno affairs, that have come on esteemed labels like Perlon, Uzuri, and Bass C

Adult Swim Announces The Line Up For 2016’s 25 Singles

Following on from last year’s edition of their internationally acclaimed series, digital platform Adult Swim has announced their annual Singles Program, taking place every Wednesday until November, and has shared its full lineup. This year the series boasts a first-class roster of artists, from Rae Sremmurd, Run The Jewels, Die Antwoord, Against Me!, and Vince Staples, to Mike-Will Made It, Metro Boomin’, Flying Lotus, Earl Sweatshirt, HEALTH, and many more. Visit Adult Swim’s online platform ea

Post-Punk’s Public Image Ltd Exhibition

Not to miss this month! The ICA is currently showcasing a presentation of rarely seen photographs and ephemera relating to the early stages of the band Public Image Ltd’s (PiL) design, from 1978-79, with a focus on the design of the album Metal Box. Original band members included John Lydon (aka Johnny Rotten – vocals), Keith Levene (lead guitar), Jah Wobble (bass) and Jim Walker (drums). Working closely with photographer and designer Dennis Morris, the display explores the evolution of the band

In Pictures: Anish Kapoor and Ai Wei Wei March For Solidarity With Refugees

Today we attended a march organised by artists Ai Wei Wei and Anish Kapoor to demonstrate continued solidarity with those suffering in the worsening refugee crisis. Empathy was the motivation, and change the mission, as a calm yet determined group heeded the call to (peaceful) arms at 10am this morning at the Royal Academy of Arts. A week ago the two cultural figures took advantage of their devoted following across social media to organise an eight mile walk, bearing blankets as a symbol of tho

Broken English: Athi Patra Ruga

South African based artist Athi Patra Ruga has made a name for himself with his bold yet delicate work, dreamlike in its nature, yet resonating with complex political truths. His striking scenes feature bodies subverted and reinvented through the medium of fashion, which the artist uses as a creative mode of expression alongside photography and performance. Athi’s body of work is richly diverse in both its content and creation, constructed across several different mediums to project his ideas. T

Artist Paul Chan on breaking new ground

At the end of last year, controversial artist and publisher Paul Chan scooped the coveted Hugo Boss Prize – awarded every year to an artist who has made an outstanding contribution to contemporary art in any medium. The winning artist not only recieves new levels of international recognition and prestige, but $100,000 and a solo exhibition at New York's Guggenheim Museum. Chan presented his career's work alongside latest project “Nonprojections for New Lovers,” which – staying true to his pencha

Storytelling and the power of perspective

Iris Della Roca’s 2011 series Puisque le Roi n’est pas Humble (which translates to, “As the King is not Humble”) is a collection of vibrant and powerful images grown from her desire to do something for people far from her own reality in Paris. A member of pioneering female art collective World Wide Women, she hopes her work will change people's perspective on the stigma of poverty. Drawing on her unique personal experiences of growing up on a boat in Paris, Della Roca started her own project – t

Lee "Scratch" Perry’s Vision of Paradise

His music comes to him in a dream – which is perhaps what creates the dreamlike state of Volker’s film, where vivid cartoonish illustrations add a surreal supernatural aesthetic. Volker’s vision is a part of why Lee chose the director to make the film – there is clearly a level of understanding and trust between the two. When asked how they filmed the scenes, Volker describes a combination of fly on the wall filming and a set storyline: “You cannot do a film without a plan…but Lee in a plan is a